About us

Team : Amir Seyedi

I was born in 1982 in Tehran. Well, To be more precise, I was born during the liberation of Khorramshahr City, a key battle iran-iraq war that succeeded 18 days later. The unique situation of my country at the post-revolutionary times, has influenced the Timeline of my life like many other iranians .As a result, i find myself interested and dedicated to topics regarding society, politics, humanity and economics. I did my studies in electrical engineering and later in computer science. Finally, during my PhD, i had the chance to include my personal interest in my studies and work on social networking domain. I left my country 6 years ago and came to France, where i had the chance to work with Paris Cafélitt. 
For me, Cafélitt is an amazing team working experience and a great place for social networking.

About us

CaféLitt is not a place; it is a gathering of minds. We are a group of mostly Persian young students, scholars and professionals who gather every Thursday evening around 19h00 in a café to discuss various subjects and share different ideas, ranging vastly from history to science, from literature to fine arts. We started these gatherings on Jan 18th, 2007. Each week, one of us takes the responsibility of presenting a topic (in Persian, English or French) for about an hour in a subject s/he is intimately familiar with or has an expertise in. Afterwards, the evening turns into a discussion forum and all members of the audience will have an opportunity to ask their question(s) and share their points of view.
CaféLitt is open to all comments, suggestion, collaboration and new ideas. CaféLitt provides an unparalleled opportunity for learning about culture, science and philosophy in a relaxed and friendly environment, and for sharing your knowledge and expertise with like-minded members of your community.
CaféLitt is officially registered as a non-profitable group and is a nonpartisan, nonreligious and nonpolitical entity.