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CafeLitt 182: Rational Thinking

Thu 2 Sep 2010, 19:00, by Esmaeil Naderi, at Bistro Burritoville:3rd floor, 2055 Rue Bishop, Montreal,QC (Map)

Relieved from the non-secular metaphysics, the modern Man is struggling with a new kind of metaphysics which we may call it "metaphysics in the sense of Heidegger" or "secular metaphysics". In contrast to natural sciences in which the Man gave up the idea of being at the center of the universe, and got benefited from this incredibly, when it comes to "knowledge", he still implicitly assume a central role for himself. He assumes he has the responsibility, and morally obligated to discover underneath "truth" about the nature which later would serve him as an indicator that would direct him along the future that he is destined for. He also unconsciously assumes that nature is also responsible for him somehow. This seek of "certainty" instead of "hope", borrowing Rorty terms, is what we mentioned as "metaphysics in the sense of Heidegger".

It seems physcological prefers of the Man i.e. certainty over hope, stability over freedom, faith over skeptics opens the way for the growth of new kinds of metaphysics in his cultural affairs. Even some philosophical thoughts have not been immune from these hardly visible tensions and have satisfied these irrational demands by providing a sophisticated intellectual framework for rationalization of the mentioned desires and prefers; however, they kept the distance from non-secular metaphysics to have the prestige of being Modern or sometimes Postmodern.

In this presentation, we will emphasize that the Man is at the same touch with the nature as other beings. And his lingual abilities don't make any responsibility for none of the sides of Man-Nature; however it enables him to conceptualize his situation and solve his issues. In fact, he should give up any kind of metaphysical thoughts in favor of highly contextualized ones in order to have a better life. We will comprehensively explain this paradigm as a proper illustration of rational thinking. Finally, we will have a brief discussion on "philosophy" itself as a major cultural activity to see if still it can serve us toward our aims or it is destined to fade away from our cultural world.

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