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CafeLitt 168: 3D perception in Brain

Thu 13 May 2010, 19:00, by Dr. Shahin Zangenehpour (PhD), at Bistro Burritoville:3rd floor, 2055 Rue Bishop, Montreal,QC (Map)
(This talk will be presented in English) 
The human visual system is equipped with a remarkable capacity to extract and represent depth information from flat images cast on the back of each eye. This aspect of visual perception is integral to representing the relative location and structural properties of objects in the field of view. Advances in understanding how this phenomenon unfolds in the conscious mind have led to the advent of technologies that allow us to see 3-dimensional (3D) images presented on flat cinema and/or television screens. The entertainment industry which is a major component of Western culture has had a recent history of success using this technology to attract viewers to movie theatres and to market home entertainment units capable of presenting 3D content. I will present an overview of the basics of visual depth perception and use this as a foundation for explaining how 3D content presentation works in order to create "realistic" visual experience in modern entertainment. 

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About us

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