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CafeLitt 140: Music production softwares/Digital Recording

Thu 1 Oct 2009, 19:00, by Behrooz Shad Far, at Press Cafe: (Map)
This presentation is a chance for the audience to become familiar with the concepts and basic features of the programs that are widely used for music production in home studios and professional studios. The three programs that will be introduced are Adobe Audition, Reason 3, and Live 7.
Adobe Audition, one of the programs that offers a very simple looking environment and is one of the easiest steps towards working with music production softwares.
Reason 3, a product of Propellerhead corp. is one of the most widely used and most respected softwares when it comes to creating electronic/digital music. Reason is virtual studio and it offers a wide variety of sound modules and sound effects.
Live 7, a product of Ableton company, is an effective recording and mixing program (multi-track Audio/MIDI), which can work with another music production software simultaneously through the technology of ReWire.


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