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CafeLitt 106: Mirrors in the Brain - How Our Minds Share Actions and Emotions

Mon 26 Jan 2009, 19:07, by Shahin Zanganhpour, at Thomson House: 3650 Rue McTavish Montreal (Map)
Recent findings are rapidly expanding our understanding of a new class of brain cells -- mirror neurons. Some scientists speculate that a mirror system in people's brains forms the basis for social behavior, for our ability to imitate, acquire language, and show empathy and understanding. It also may have played a role in the evolution of speech. Shahin will present an overview of the functional properties of the mirror system as well as a very brief historical look at the discovery of this marvelous system. After discussing the role of mirror neurons in understanding action and imitation, he will end the presentation with an examination of the link between the mirror system and some arguably unique human domains, such as language and culture.
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