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CafeLitt 101:"The Rooster" a short movie by Hossein Arian

Fri 5 Dec 2008, 18:14, by , at Cafe SABA: 5124 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC (Map)

Subject: "The Rooster" a short movie by Hossein Arian
Date: Thursday 11th Dec. 2008 , 19:00
Presented by:Hosein Arian
Place: Cafe Culturel SABA, 5124 Sherbrook Ouest, Montreal, QC
Metro: Vendome
Bus: 24 directly from Down town

17 Décarie, 37 Jolicoeur, 90 Saint-Jacques,102 Somerled, 104 Cavendish, 105 Sherbrooke, 124 Victoria

THE ROOSTER is Hossein's last short film which he finished December 2007 and he is sending it to some film festivals now. The story is about a man who is lonely and he is just talking to a cockroach to free his loneliness. He is going out to talk with a girl who came to his apartment by a mistake but He couldn't talk to her. He goes to the street and reviews his opinion about society, people, love and the future.

The first version is 20 minute long take shot which was very difficult to arrange it because the camera starts from the bathtub and fallowing him with all his actions in inside and outside.

One of his goals in this film is what his character says:

" I'm showing you this movie so that at least in my fantasy I would for once be number one. I thought to myself I would tell my story in two perspectives; the long take and the edited version to see if Andre Bazin was right or Pudovkin and Eisenstein. Do you think our life is based on a long take or is just a series of cuts? When we sleep at night couldn't that just be a big cut? And people, do we see them as a long take or in cuts? I think that when people get tired of life they create the cut ".

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