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CafeCinema 2: Annie Hall by Woody Allen

Thu 7 Feb 2008, 16:19, by , at Cafe Linda:1909 Rue Ste-Catherine Ouest,Montreal (Map)

Annie Hall by Woody Allen

Introduction by: Hesam Ghasemi
Date: Sunday 10th Feb. 2008
Time: 15:00

Annie Hall is an Academy Award-winning, 1977 romantic comedy film directed by Woody Allen from a script he co-wrote with Marshall Brickman. It is one of Allen's most popular films: it won numerous awards at the time of its release, and in 2002 Roger Ebert referred to it as "just about everyone's favorite Woody Allen movie".[1] Allen had previously been known as a maker of zany comedies; the director has described Annie Hall as "a major turning point", as it brought a new level of seriousness to his work, in addition to consolidating his signature cinematic style, which includes long, realistically written scenes of conversation, often shot in uninterrupted takes, and an equal thematic investment in both hilarity and heartbreak.


I think the main subject of the film is about progressive change of human opinion towards life.on one hand there was a so-called intellectula man how was confined in his alegadly modern and intellectual thoughts and on the othar hand there was annie who at the first followed his man of life but after while turned into notion of "enjoy life by paradime of here and now" what eastern zen promotes.Mohammad Larijani

Anonymous at Mon 18 Feb 2008

Although I like your point of view with Buddhisms bases but I have a question on the word progression! As we know it has a positive meaning and means to go further. So there should be a direction for that, what was the direction of this progression in the movie? why was it progression and not retrogression?

Pasha at Mon 18 Feb 2008

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